The Team @ Integrity First Aid

Liam Harte

CEO and Lead Trainer

Liam has a world of experience and we mean that quite literally. He’s spent 14 years working with the Australian Defence Force and United Nations throughout the United Kingdom, European Union and South Africa. He’s also worked on Industrial projects in the United States, Asia and Australia along with the United Kingdom, European Union and South Africa.

Brad Goodwin

Managing Director and Lead Trainer

When it comes to first aid experience, few offer more than Brad. For the better part of 25 years, he’s worked in the military, police communications and pre-hospital emergency care. Better still, he’s spent a decade as an intensive care paramedic and, more recently, he’s served in management positions with State Ambulance Services across Australia.

Tim Cohen

Director and Lead Trainer

Tim knows a lot about First Aid and adult learning. So his courses are entertaining, informative and hands-on. He knows the more you enjoy yourself, the more likely you are to learn. Tim’s worked with a wide range of cultural groups and knows how to spread his First Aid message.

Janet Glaser

Principal Advisor

As the Principal Advisor, Janet works behind the scenes. She has a nursing and educational background. She has developed a wide range of educational products for face-to-face, distance and online delivery. Janet understands the need for education to be practical and realistic. She knows what works and how to keep students involved engaged and informed.


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I have participated in a training course last week. The presenter (Tim Cohen), whom I have not met before, exceeded my expectations and those of our other (5) participants as he covered a lot of material in a very organised fashion, succinctly, interactively and with good humour.I will thoroughly recommend him to any interested parties.Thank you for an excellent training course.

Robert Greenfield