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How long is my certificate valid?

The CPR certificate is valid for one year. The Apply First Aid certificate is valid for three years. ARC recommends CPR sills are refreshed annually.

How quickly will I receive my certificate?
Where are the classes held?
How large are your classes?
What do I need to bring on the day?
How can I pay for the course and by when?
Do I need to be physically fit to do the course?
What happens if the course is cancelled?
What if I cancel a group booking?
Are our courses nationally recognised?
What if I can’t make it to the course?
Do you have insurance?
What type of clothing should I wear for the course?
I haven’t studied in a long and am not sure how it will go?

I have participated in a training course last week. The presenter (Tim Cohen), whom I have not met before, exceeded my expectations and those of our other (5) participants as he covered a lot of material in a very organised fashion, succinctly, interactively and with good humour.I will thoroughly recommend him to any interested parties.Thank you for an excellent training course.

Robert Greenfield