I really learnt a lot and enjoyed your presentation. I realised what made it so interesting and educational was how you explained the theory (biologically or medically) behind the way we act or respond, it connected logic to the actions we did. Thanks!


You wouldn't believe the first aide incidents I've had and been able to hep out since your training!! Well two incidents both involving boiling water and burning!! Your training helped me stay calm and assist my Aunty from burning her leg severely.... !!! Thank you!!! The course was perfect timing!!

Kind regards!

Child Care Worker

I have participated in a training course last week. The presenter (Tim Cohen), whom I have not met before, exceeded my expectations and those of our other (5) participants as he covered a lot of material in a very organised fashion, succinctly, interactively and with good humour.I will thoroughly recommend him to any interested parties.Thank you for an excellent training course.

Robert Greenfield

...I know is from our experience our teachers said you were fantastic! SO we will keep using your services and hope to spread the good word around for you.